Publishers Weekly
"The pseudonymous Nero Blanc offers another dandy puzzler in Corpus de Crossword."

"The well-drawn characters in CORPUS DE CROSSWORD are people we all know, if not by the names in this book. The mood rollercoasters from pathos to laugh-out-loud funny, and the plot twists and turns before it delivers the final punch. Blanc includes six real crosswords so avid fans can ferret out clues along with the investigators. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED."

Harriet Klausner -
"Mystery fans that like a light, small town regional mystery are going to have a lot of fun reading CORPUS DE CROSSWORD. The crossword puzzles scattered throughout the novel contain the clues that will enable the reader to solve the mystery. The two protagonists make a great investigative team in the tradition of Nick and Nora and their connubial bliss lightens the mood when they hit a bump in the investigation. Nero Blanc is a master when it comes to constructing puzzling mysteries."

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