"Designed to delight both crossword puzzle enthusiasts and mystery readers [The Crossword Murder] features adroit wordplay and high society intrigue... ...[Blanc] delivers an enjoyable, complex solution and likable protagonists who are strong enough to carry the series forward... ...In a clever innovation, the text includes Briephs's final crosswords, which puzzle buffs can try to decipher before Rosco and Belle do."

Earlene Fowler, author of The Dove in the Window
"The Crossword Murder is a puzzle lover's delight. With a touch of suspense, a pinch of romance, and a whole lot of clever word clues, Blanc has concocted a story sure to appeal to crossword addicts and cozy lovers alike. What's a three letter word for this book? F-U-N."

Harriet Klausner -

"The Crossword Murder is an inventive, unique novel that shows there are still many creative ways to distribute clues to readers. The story line is clever, uncanny, and entertaining as fans of mysteries solve the puzzles in order to solve a who-done-it."

Robin Rice - Philadelphia City Paper
"If life were a crossword puzzle, everything would be black and white. Life and death are a cryptic - as crossword buffs call them - in The Crossword Murder... In this mystery, wealthy self-appointed "genius" crossword author Thompson Briephs is murdered. He leaves behind five puzzles that may point to his killer. An eccentric cast of characters (all with 15-letter names to fill an entire line of a puzzle grid) keep the pot boiling with well-paced breaks for puzzle solving. But which words in the puzzles are important clues and which are just... words? ...The Crossword Murder is good summer entertainment. A romantic subplot is deftly handled and the settings, particularly Briephs' kinky (historically dubious) Cretan-maze-mansion, are fun."

Toby Bromberg - Romantic Times
"The Crossword Murder is a witty story of murder and skullduggery. The crosswords used to solve the crime are included so that the reader can solve the puzzle and the mystery right along with the detectives!"

Susan Anderson - Mystery Book Reviews,
"The Crossword Murder is more than a gimmick book. There really is a mystery here, one that would work even without the inclusion of crossword puzzles. Although set in the present, there's an old fashioned feel to this book; it's no coincidence that the pseudonym chosen by the authors has echoes of Rex Stout, for the book - from the formality of the dialogue to the characters' attitudes (Rosco's seems to the first non-Anglo last name some of these people have ever encountered) - could easily have been set in the 1930s. . . . those who miss the way mysteries used to be should have a fine time getting to know Rosco and Annabella."

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