Publishers Weekly
"Crossword buffs won't want to miss Anatomy of a Crossword."

Harriet Klausner -
"ANATOMY OF A CROSSWORD is a real puzzler that readers won't be able to figure out until Nero Blanc reveals the happenings. This author consistently creates an engaging cerebral who-done-it for armchair detective. This terrific latest work includes misinformation and red herrings that keep the readers attention at all times."

Debra Hamel - Midwest Book Review
"ANATOMY OF A CROSSWORD, like its predecessors in the series, is a pleasant cozy with a clever story line to keep readers guessing to the end. Mystery fans and crossword lovers should enjoy the book, the latter particularly so as readers are invited to try to solve the case along with Belle and Rosco: six crosswords--and a puzzle of a different sort--are included in the book... It was a fun read."

Robert H. Goss - Roundtable Reviews
"There are enough red herrings in "Anatomy of a Crossword" to throw even the most experienced mystery reader off track. I did not solve it myself and was surprised by the ending. I'll let the reader take it from here. They'll love the book."
Beverly Close - The Oregonian
"Crossword puzzle fans will delight in Blanc's mystery."

Ilene Cooper - Booklist
"Blanc provides a breezy mystery set against a realistic entertainment industry background."

Cindy Harrison - Romantic Times
"The authors are former actors, and their story is enlivened by plenty of realistic insider information. Also, a wealth of false clues make this mystery a fun one to solve."

Deborah Hern
- The Romance Readers Connection

"The backstage dealings, and the myriad of people required to make a movie ring absolutely true. In a town where you're only as good as your last project, there are plenty of bloodless types just hustling for their next hit. The mystery provides plenty of twists, and suspects abound. For fans of crosswords and other word puzzles, there's a lot to enjoy here... This is another fun outing for Belle, her husband Rosco, and anyone who is a fan of mystery and crosswords."
"A clever series!"

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