Kirkus Reviews
"Catnip for crossword fans."

"Another Word for Murder is yet another good read from the husband and wife writing team of Cordelia F. Biddle and Steve Zettler, a.k.a. "Nero Blanc." The book's tightly plotted mystery and the surprising twist it offers alone make the book worth the read, and crossword enthusiasts will appreciate the authors' linguistic playfulness and the inclusion of puzzles in the storyline. But I keep coming back to the series for its homey ambiance: the happy, pun-filled relationship of Rosco and Belle themselves, and the clutch of Newcastle denizens who join the couple in holding down a table at Lawson's Coffee Shop every Saturday morning."

Harriet Klausner -

"The story line combines the cerebral (six puzzles toed to nursery rhymes) with a fine investigation that takes several twists as Rosco begins to uncover the dark side of the neighbors, but unsure why Lily and Belle apparently are targets. This is an entertaining robust entry in a unique series." - Harriet Klausner

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