Devorah Stone - ILoveAMystery.Com
"A CROSSWORD TO DIE FOR boasts challenging crossword puzzles, a newly married sleuth team and a mystery involving the academic, drug smuggling, environmental and possibly espionage worlds - what more could a crime reader want?

It's the crossword puzzles that make this book different from most others of its kind. They are clever and sometimes cryptic.

At a time when so many mystery books are written purely from the point of view of an amateur sleuth, I found this book refreshing because it uses the third person point of view and the mystery is solved by both a professional and an amateur in partnership. I liked the switch from Belle's intuitive, personal and word-solving mind set to her husband Rosco's fact finding no nonsense approach. The main mystery here isn't a man's death but his life. I was fond of the sleuths, enjoyed the crossword puzzles and overall found A CROSSWORD TO DIE FOR a good read."
"A Nero Blanc mystery is always fun to read because of the two protagonists who are so much in love that they leave the audience feeling clean and refreshed. The story line itself is complex, entertaining and thoroughly thought-provoking, a mystery lover's delight as well as a crossword puzzle fan's pleasure. This book, in fact this series, is highly recommended."

Publishers Weekly
"In 'A Crossword to Die For', the pseudonymous Nero Blanc serves up six actual puzzles and one solid mystery featuring Belle Graham, crossword editor, and Rosco Polycrates, private investigator... Surprising revelations and $10 words abound!"


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